Does the Apoptosis Value of Cumulus Cells Play a Role in Rescue Oocyte in Vitro Maturation?




Apoptosis, Cumulus cells, In vitro oocyte maturation human, Tunel assay


OBJECTIVE: In this study, we aimed to investigate the role of the cumulus cell’s apoptosis parameter in the maturation of immature rescue oocytes.

STUDY DESIGN: In this experimental study, donated immature germinal vesicle oocytes were cultured for, in vitro maturation, embryo development in matured germinal vesicle oocytes were compared with apoptotic properties of cumulus cells.

RESULTS: In all of the immature oocytes after oocyte in vitro maturation, the maturation rate has been observed as 56.1% and 2PN rate as 63.0%. Afterin vitro maturation of germinal vesicle oocytes, there was no difference in apoptosis rates of the cumulus cells between mature and immature oocytes (p> 0.05). The ratio of 2PN in matured germinal vesicle oocytes showing embryo development was 35.4%. A positive correlation was found between luteinizing hormone values on day 3 and E2 values during HCG days during oocyte maturation and embryo development (p=0.021, p=0.020). In addition, it has been observed that the germinal vesicle oocytes, which have completed their maturation and developed into embryos, have high E2 values during HCG days (p=0.020).

CONCLUSION: In our study, it has been demonstrated that in vitro maturation in rescue oocytes from stimulated cycles, embryo development potential could not be explained by the apoptosis parameter.


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